RISE to Success Journal – Do-It-Yourself Mini Course

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Train Your Brain for Success With Your Do-It-Yourself RISE Journal



Imagine an easy DIY course that can help you to quickly transform your life in 15 minutes per day. This downloadable course is a complete how-to guide to create and use your own RISE to Success Journal. Put the journal pages in a 3-ring binder and use it to achieve the clarity and focus you need to live a rich life.

• Comprehensive get started 13-minute RISE audio (mp3)
• DIY RISE pre-printed journal page with 2 days per page (pdf)
• Guided step-by-step 15-minute R—I—S—E process audio (mp3)
• List of the most popular positive declarations (pdf)
• (BONUS) Daily 2-minute mindfulness breathing audio (mp3)
• (BONUS) Daily 2-minute visualization audio (mp3)